Customer Profile

Harvard University – One of the most elite education institutions in the world.

At A Glance

The key goal of this project was to migrate Harvard’s PeopleSoft implementation from on-premise to AWS. PeopleSoft is used for all Payroll, Benefits, and Pensions management. Harvard had tried many times over the past years to migrate and modernize their PeopleSoft implementation; however, all attempts did not fully achieve their goals. They were ten months into a two year plan to upgrade their PeopleSoft version and migrate from SunGard to VM Linux.

Lessons Learned

  • More thought exercises at the beginning would have eliminated rework and persuaded the customer should have chosen to go to AWS rather than VM initially.
  • Be cognizant and have a plan to address customer education and culture to ensure a successful transition. Some team members had a really hard time with the concept of “ephemeral” infrastructure and shutting legacy environments.
  • PeopleSoft can run very successfully in AWS and it is much cheaper than an on-premise implementation. In this case, it was more cost effective and customized than using Oracle’s PeopleSoft Cloud offering

Project Highlights

  • Provide new environments and access for teams to test upgrade approach and configuration
  • Automate creation of environments
  • Create 11 environments for immediate use
  • Determine the appropriate components and migrate them to AWS
  • Establish and integrate multiple VPCs with on-premise existing network services
  • Update or create necessary scripts to support integrations with 20 other apps
  • Implement feeds to other data services and data warehouse
  • Meet or improve upon existing recovery RTO and RPO
  • Architect and implement backup strategy
  • Leverage existing monitoring and call center integrations
  • Leverage existing tiered support teams and model
  • Delegate all on-premise DNS to AWS

Project Tools & Methodologies

  • Architecture : TOGAF-“like” (created and evolved principals and standards to drive and govern architectures and designs)
  • Agile : Scrum (architecture, AWS Account configuration and network integration tasks) and Kanban (pipeline approach to migration and testing)
  • Technologies: VM, Sungard, RHEL, Tivoli, Bash, SQL, CloudFormation, PowerShell, Web Services, SAML, Oracle, PeopleTools, ObjectiveC, JSON, YAML, VPC, DirectConnect, Active Directory, IAM, DNS, RMan, Samba, S3, EBS, KMS, SSL, Security Groups, etc.