Migration From 4 Private Datacenters To 6 AWS Regions.

Customer Profile

Publicly traded technology company that provides security and storage solutions.

At A Glance

Migrated business critical applications from 4 private datacenters to 6 AWS regions. The customer’s goal was to maintain uptime in an event a datacenter or entire region is down.

Project Tools & Methodologies

Saltstack, GIT, EC2, Route53, ELB/ALB, Certificate Manager, Redis, and Nginx are most of the technology used to provide the level of global redundancy.

Lessons Learned

Don't forget to enable Route53 health checks! Learn as much as possible about the application usage pattern because this could influence changes to the architect.

Project Highlights

  • Application rationalization and service analysis and to help customer identify which applications and/or services qualifies for public cloud.
  • Provide architecture, design, and best practices to help customer identify areas that need to be re-engineered or applications rewritten in order to qualify for public cloud.
  • Built regions to handle failures within themselves, as well as the service with some direction given to the developers on what needed to change in the application.
  • VPN connections into AWS were configured to allow the customer direct access leveraging their current access methods.
  • Provided detailed operational runbooks to empower the customer to continue migration and successfully support the environment ongoing.